Download your dives

Custom Idea's USB download cables let you download your dives from compatible Suunto dive computers.

Dive Cable Features


Supports the Suunto Vyper, Vytec, Cobra, HelO2 , Mosquito, D3 and Zoop. Gekko's can also be downloaded with most non-Suunto software.


Can be used with all versions of Suunto Dive Manager, Diving Log, Mac Dive and Subsurface. Use Google to find the latest software versions.


Cables are tested before shipping, use gold plated contacts and their in-line design is compatible with dive computer consoles & boots.

Where to buy

You can buy Custom Idea USB download cables for Suunto dive computers on eBay and Amazon.


Nice professionally made cable that just works. I use it on MacOS Lion to link into MacDive from a Suunto Vyper Air.

It does the job at a much better price than the original. I dont see the reason of spending that extra money.

You plug it in to your dive computer and conect the other end in to your computer and the information downloads perfectly.


Common issues include forgetting to install Suunto Dive Manager before plugging in the cable, or not putting your dive computer into PC-Transfer mode. If you need help, just ask!